2017 Winner of IIDA Georgia’s Best of the Best Award for Small Hospitality
2016 Eater Atlanta’s Stone Cold Stunner Readers’ Choice
Our clients wanted to create a classic American eatery with a curated bar experience inspired by the glamour of mid-century cocktail culture. They based their restaurant’s name on the NASA missions of the 1950’s and the era’s space race. Located within a historic adaptive reuse project, we were challenged with keeping elements of the old structure. We embraced the industrial aesthetic as a background layer, manipulating it with a deep blue painted band running throughout for continuity. We built upon that with decorative concrete block, tambour wood walls, and built in bookcases. We elevated the original maple flooring and utilized the eccentric structural grid to divide the restaurant into zones of activity. Capped by a quartzite countertop, the oversized bar is the centerpiece and resembles moon rock. The palette originates here, from the rich walnut of the fluted underbar to the blues and silvers swirling within the stone. The entry is anchored by an “Art-o-mat”, a vintage cigarette machine re-purposed to dispense art. Aeronautical undertones are established in the upholstery details derived from vintage car seats. Accessories and artwork complete the narrative, adding touches of nostalgia while retro lighting imparts a warm glow all the way to the bathrooms.