A proposed renovation and addition, Red Building is the headquarters of Mellow Mushroom’s corporate campus.  One of four buildings, it contains one of the most unique collections of art and memorabilia you will find.  We were tasked with providing a vision to reflect a company undergoing rapid growth.  The current offices and conference room are located in a small, crowded building attached to a larger storage facility, which houses the art collection.  Our goal was to highlight and celebrate this collection, while incorporating elements of the existing building to suit the new program.  A central lobby and greeting space provides visitors the first glimpse of the art collection, and separates the program between private offices and conference rooms.  Unused loading dock openings are the thresholds for new offices which protrude out from the face of the building.  These offices are accessed by a corridor with full views of the art collection.  The conference rooms form a perimeter around a greenspace, which filters light into the rooms and provides a respite from the industrial surroundings of the site.  Along the East elevation of the warehouse, large glass openings are cut to display a small portion of the treasures housed inside.