2023 Winner of AIA Aspire Design Citation Award for Small Projects
The Ramblin’ Reck Garage is a display pavilion and working garage housing ‘The Reck,’ a 1930 Ford Model A Sport Coupe that has served as Georgia Tech’s mascot since 1961. This new facility represents the first permanent home for such a cherished part of the Georgia Tech community. Our team was honored to have been selected as the architects for this new addition to campus, both for its cultural impact and the close ties our team members have to GT.  Envisioned as a pavilion in a landscape, the garage sits lightly on a terraced site at a major pedestrian crossing on the southern end of campus.  A simple rectangular structure is bookended by large pivot doors allowing The Reck to drive through both ends of the building and stop at either a vehicle lift or display turntable. Capping the building is a continuous six-foot roof overhang providing daylighting control and a surface for a full photovoltaic array.
Photography by Garey Gomez