Three axes form the basis for the guesthouse: public, private, and the relationship of earth to sky. These three axes respond to the site’s topographic undulations, rotation in plan and vertical hierarchy as the landscape slopes up to a gentle hill.  The public axis connects the entry point to an exterior hot springs pool accessed through an underground channel. Beyond the massive entry walls sits a shared dining space with scattered intimate gathering spaces warmed by firewood. At the intersection of the public axis and the vertical axis sits a viewing deck at roof level to admire the Northern Lights. Stacked below the staircase to the deck sits a second staircase leading to the spring. Porosity decreases as one descends deeper into the earth to discover an underground hot spring with framed views to the sky.  The private axis includes an earthen corridor connecting to each private suite. Each guest room shifts through its relationship with the topography: either sitting above the earth, inset halfway between earth and sky, or buried beneath the surface. This relationship provides a framed view to the earth to contextualize one’s sitting within or upon it.