Garco Mill, originally known as the General Asbestos and Rubber Company, in North Charleston was built in the early 20th century Park Circle neighborhood. This mill was one of the area’s primary employers, and neighborhoods were established throughout North Charleston to house mill workers. Today, the mill rests quiet, but the surrounding neighborhoods remain intact. In 2019, Paces Properties purchased the mill and approached us about converting the beautiful masonry and heavy timber architecture into a food hall.  Though one might expect harsh, cold materials in an industrial building, the elegant curve of window arches, rounded wooden columns, and the layers of history set a sort of soft romantic air. Taking inspiration from these soft details, we layered in globed milk glass, curving steel armatures, and bent metal chandeliers to flow around and frame the repetitive windows and columns of the existing mill. We conceptualized the food hall as a sort of train terminal, a romantic setting for coming and going and spectating.