For Faced the Facial Studio’s second location, we built upon our design for the brand’s flagship store on the Westside, but with a more saturated palette here in Morningside Village. The 1920’s era storefront space provided a welcome new context and a new challenge. We needed to work around a steel column in the retail area, so we designed asymmetrical plaster shelving to conceal it, creating a functional and sculptural feature wall. Deeper tones in the plaster walls and fabrics complement the afternoon light streaming through ample storefront. We kept the strong axial layout from Westside and the softness of a barrel vault leading to the private treatment rooms. Radiant sconces light the way while a custom smoky mirror reflects it back at the end. Much like the radiance one has after a treatment at Faced, the space emits a golden glow and is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.
Photography by Valentina Ramirez