With four locations across the greater Atlanta area, we had the pleasure of working with Ansley Bowman and Martha Moore on the evolution of their brand for FACED the Facial Studio. Our concept originated with their Westside flagship location and has been carried through to their stores now in Morningside, Buckhead, and East Cobb, Marietta. Our design is inspired by relief sculpture and carving form out of mass. We used plaster finishes throughout to deliver glowing, tactile surfaces and soft edges. As their brand continued to grow, design details were further refined to cater to their expanding clientele while maintaining the spa-like feel. Each space is designed to evoke a mood and deliver a serene experience that feels bespoke while also providing privacy for customers. In all locations, our design team sought to create a glowing ambiance that would always provide a stillness and calm tranquility for clients.
Photography by Emily Followill, Valentina Ramirez, and Cat Lukken