Nestled in the heart of the historic Atlanta Dairies, El Malo is a cocktail lounge that invites guests to embrace their curiosity and indulge in good times and uniquely crafted spirits. We worked closely with our clients Omar Ferrer and Gabe Bowen to bring their vision to life and design the ultimate hideaway that captivates and intrigues its guests. Upon entry, the patina paneled double doors lead into a long hallway illuminated by a red glow that invokes an air of mystery of what will unfold within the main space. As the hall opens, textures choreograph seamlessly, with velvets, leathers, rich woods, and peculiar wallcoverings to create a tactile, yet visually stimulating atmosphere. In the center of the main space, two imposing custom columns enhanced by brass drink rails create a space for people-watching adjacent to the bar. El Malo’s custom elements and rich textural materials converge to form an immersive environment that captivates and intrigues—a trinity where spirits, music, and design come together.
Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee