For Bar Mercado, bright colors and bold patterns are layered over an existing backdrop of old brick, steel, and concrete to evoke the excitement of a Spanish market. Alongside our restaurateur clients, we took inspiration from the Mercado de San Miguel, a food hall within an open ironwork structure dating from 1916 located in Madrid. Playfully curated fabrics and wallcoverings in reds, pinks, ochres and blues create a harmonious cacophony, like the atmosphere in a bustling market. The branding team took inspiration from these chromatic flavors and patterns to develop their complementary scheme. We articulated the dining room with light and color. A series of large capiz shell globe pendants help unify the space by bringing the ceiling plane down and casting a warm glow throughout. The deep blue of a starry night hovers overhead. Dramatic drapery walls soften banquettes on either side of the space. The cozy bar has a surprising pink ceiling and warm brass accents. Chairs and tables throughout are made of a rough-hewn wood. Continuing the feeling outdoors, a new barrel vaulted canopy covers the patio dining area. Red and orange neon ambles along steel panels at the entrance creating the restaurant’s signage and articulating the weathered steel of the canopy.
Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee