2020 Winner of IIDA Georgia’s Best of the Best Award for Dine
Our client, Chef Jeffrey Wall, is a talented photographer and adventurous forager, and the bulk of our inspiration came from beautiful photographs that he took of wild mushrooms during foraging expeditions. The balance of colors and textures are presented in these photographs in a way that is at once composed and casual. More than anything, that is what informed our design approach. We developed a palette of varied wood species and tones which are expressed differently throughout the space, both in their form and finish. A series of existing skylights provided dramatic sculptural relief in the ceiling, so we chose to primarily illuminate the space from the walls with sconce lighting (in some instances projecting six feet from their anchoring point). The warm palette is punctuated with bold blue wool and leather upholstery, emulating the sublime feel of the coastal waters of Santa Cruz.
Photography by Andrew Thomas Lee