An unbuilt design for a key site along the Atlanta’s Memorial Greenway and next to the historic Oakland Cemetery that would meet the dueling objectives of maximizing allowable density, preserving the existing 3,000 square foot art deco Harp Transmission building, and allowing greenway foot traffic to pass through the site without relying on adjacent sidewalks and rights-of-way. The overarching architectural concept is that of a pavilion in the park. In a sense, the critical gesture can be reduced to an iconic roof that hovers over the ground plane and unifies the activities happening beneath it – the re-use of the Harp building, the George Street Promenade, the flow of the public realm from outside to inside. The building is intended as act of urban design at multiple scales. From a distance, it marks the spot of an active social space. In the immediate vicinity, it shades the sidewalk, enlivens the street, and invites the surrounding greenspaces in.